Like a bookclub but for podcasts.

#PodcastClub is like a book club, but for podcasts. Podcasts are growing in number and in quality. There are too many to listen to them all, but so many good ones that it's worth trying.

Here at #PodcastClub, we'll post news about podcasts, along with a Listening List every month. The Listening List will include about three hours of podcasts that are a must, whether they're classics or freshly uploaded. We'll then meet for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings on that month's most talked about podcasts. These meetings will be held in-person for anyone who can make it to Chicago.

please join us in Chicago!

To learn about the next meetup, join the mailing list below or stalk the #PodcastClub hashtag on Twitter.

our podcast:

If you can't join us for our meetups in Chicago or can't get enough podcast discussion, subscribe to the #PodcastClub podcast. It's an audio companion to our monthly meetups, which is just like a book club but for podcasts.

Subscribe on iTunes or Overcast.

The #PodcastClub podcasts is produced by the amazing folks at Postloudness, a collective of independent audio shows by people of color, women, and queer-identified hosts, and it's recorded in the studio at Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people.

check out previous listening lists:

who runs this?

Molly runs the website, John sends the emails, Postloudness produces our podcasts, James T Green designed our beautiful logo, but the group is run by everyone who shows up.

Ok, great, bye!